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Lots of yoga poses can be adapted to become group poses. Be a mountain range, a forest of trees, a pack of dogs, a circle of cobras, a school of fish, or a field of cows. Be heroes together in hero pose, form a circle of tortoises, or bob like boats on an open sea in boat pose.

Some yoga poses can be linked. Sit in a meditation circle holding hands, go foot-to-foot in boat pose, head-to-head in fish pose, or rest heads on each other's stomachs in shavasana. Combine poses like the downward facing dog over the plank pose, balance the tree pose by standing back-to-back with the mountain pose, or do vinyasa like the sun salutation in unison. The possibilities are endless! Flip through this book for ideas, and have a great time.

And at the end of your family yoga session, a group hug!

If you start to hear whines and complaints or sense any reluctance, boredom, or frustration in your kids during your yoga practice, either adjust activities immediately or stop. You don't want to make yoga a negative experience for kids. Fun yoga now could mean a lifetime love of yoga. Yoga that is boring or authoritarian may turn kids off for good. Never push a child into a pose. To kids, poses are play. You might want to try this with your own yoga practice, too! Have fun!


The Least You Need to Know

^ Men can be great yogis—why not take a class?

^ Yoga can help overcome feelings of aggression, competition, or general dissatisfaction by offering a satisfying and whole-self physical and spiritual path.

^ Kids—from infants to teens—can do yoga and learn to love it for a lifetime.

^ Practice yoga as a family to build memories that will last a lifetime.

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