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^ Combining postures in a sequence of motion ^ How to create your own flow—move and groove!

You're probably convinced by now that yoga can be tough and challenging to your strength and flexibility. But what about working up a real sweat? That's where vinyasa (pronounced vin-YAH-sah) comes in! Vinyasa combines a series of yoga postures into a long, fluid, unified movement. Poses are held within a vinyasa, but the difference is that when you come out of one posture, you flow immediately into another posture. The right flow will give you a great workout, in addition to improving your balance, grace, speed, strength, and agility.

Continuous-flow sequences of yoga postures can be an invigorating cardiovascular workout. Repeating a series of postures in quick succession takes stamina and good lung capacity. A more slowly executed series of poses is also challenging, allowing you to enter each pose fully and deliberately while still engaging in continuous movement, making vinyasa into a moving meditation.

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