In the half bow, the bow is strung one string at a time. When in the half bow, be careful not to lean over to the side that is held straight. Balance both sides of your body. Be sure to breathe. You'll be able to tell how much caffeine you've had lately by how much your straight hand shakes!

Half Bow Pose

The half bow pose.

1. Begin on your stomach as with the bow pose, but extend your left arm straight over your head, palm down.

2. Bend your right knee and bring your right arm back toward your right ankle.

3. Push your stomach into the floor with your tailbone tipped toward the floor. Lift your head and chest. Keep your focus on the outstretched arm.

4. Getting Started: This pose may look easier than the full bow pose, but don't be fooled. You need the same concentration as with the bow pose. This pose is a preparation for the bow pose, so hold it for only a few breaths on each side. Then try going into full bow pose for a longer sail!

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