Half Fish Pose

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The half fish pose is a simpler version of the full fish pose that follows. Start with this pose and work your way up to the full fish!

In the half fish pose, don't let your feet fall to the side. Keep your knees straight. Make sure the top of your head, not the back of your head, rests on the floor. Keep your elbows in, breathe regularly, and don't put your weight on your head. Let your elbows and arms support your weight.

1. Lie flat on your back with your feet together and your knees straight.

2. Place your palms facing down under your tailbone with your thumbs touching.

3. Inhale, then lift your upper chest and arch your back, supporting your weight with your arms and elbows. Allow your head to tilt back.

4. Rest the top of your head lightly on the floor. Feel the strength of the lift in your arms and chest. Hold for three breaths, then exhale as you come down.

5. Getting Started: If you have a stiff neck, jaw, or upper back, or if you feel uncomfortable resting your head in this position for any reason, place a folded towel, blanket, or bolster-type pillow under your neck and gently look up and


Be careful not to let your legs roll in while in upward facing dog. Lift your inner legs. If you feel off-balance, concentrate on centering your balance on your feet. Weak legs will cause your back to curve in and hurt. Keep them strong! Don't bend your elbows or knees.

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