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This book is divided into seven parts, each bringing yoga into your life in a different way. Part 1, "Let's Get Into Yoga," eases you into the concepts of yoga. We talk about why this ancient Eastern system of health is great for modern Westerners and how yoga can improve all aspects of your fitness, including your performance in other sports. We introduce you to your body, yoga-style, and reveal what yoga can do to improve your mental state as well as your physical condition.

Part 2, "Let's Get Spiritual: Growing with the Tree of Yoga," includes a little history, just to put yoga in context, then explains the various types of yoga. Next, we talk about the "rules" (yoga's guidelines for living), the importance of breath control, and the finer points of Hatha Yoga, the most popular form of yoga in the West. Part 3, "Starting Your Yoga Practice," will help you do just that. We offer advice on how to find a yoga class and teacher, how to practice yoga at home, what to wear, how to overcome any mental stumbling blocks, when to practice, how to squeeze yoga into a busy day, and how to craft your own, personalized practice. This part of the book will help you make yoga your own.

Part 4, "Energize: Postures to Build Strength and Endurance," is the first part of exercises. We show you outstanding standing postures, beautiful backbends, terrific twists, and inversions, including the famous headstand posture. We'll also talk about vinyasa, dynamic combinations of postures that will have you breaking a sweat. Part 5, "Calming Down: Postures to Quiet the Body and Mind," is the part of calming and centering postures, including sitting and meditative poses, forward bends, and a detailed discussion of shavasana, or the corpse pose. You'll learn how to let go of your mind, and you'll discover how great stress management can feel.

Part 6, "Living Your Yoga," is about specific aspects of the yoga lifestyle. We show you how to use chakras, mudras, mantras, and mandalas to enhance your yoga practice. We tell you the best foods for a yogi to eat and how yoga can address certain physical problems, from migraines to stomachaches and more. Part 7, "Yoga for Everyone!" shows you how to practice yoga with a partner. You'll learn why yoga is great for all the stages in a woman's life, from PMS to menopause. We explain why yoga is a terrific practice for the whole family. Men will love and benefit from yoga, and you'll find out how to introduce yoga fun to your kids. Then, you'll discover how seniors can find renewed energy and health through yoga.

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

This book is a beautiful explanation of Yogi Philosophy. Everything about Hindu philosophy for the non-Eastern reader. It talks about nature, forces and reason. The Yogi Philosophy and its several branches or fields are presented with great detail.

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