Keeping the Faith

"But I know it will be just like that aerobics class," you may be thinking. "I'll be all excited for the first week or two, then I'll get bored and quit." In any given day, probably just as many people quit a fitness program as start one. Why should yoga be any different?

The benefits you'll soon feel from your yoga practice are so comprehensive, you may well find that you'd rather give up coffee, doughnuts, or pepperoni pizza than give up your daily yoga "therapy." Beyond the more obvious benefits of increased flexibility, balance, and strength, yoga has thousands of less dramatic (though no less important) rewards. Yoga feels different than other fitness programs, because each posture is specifically designed to activate your body in minute ways—adjusting here, stimulating there, stretching here, strengthening there, compressing, releasing, expanding, and reaching. With all this internal maintenance, you can't help but enjoy increased health and a vibrant sense of well-being.

101 Fitness Tips

101 Fitness Tips

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