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Seniors are perfect candidates for meditation. Your brain is so full of experiences, information, memories, and ideas that it can really use a break. For a few minutes each day, take some time to yourself to reflect on something beautiful, then let this beautiful reflection gently melt into the breath until breath and peace are all that remain.

Meditation has a wonderfully rejuvenating effect on both your mind and your body. A regular meditation practice will help you think more quickly and clearly, access information more easily, and even enjoy your mental processes more. Your thoughts will come more easily, your memory will be sharper, and you'll find that you handle life with a calm clarity you may never have experienced before.

Proper posture in sitting meditation makes meditation more comfortable and the body less distracting. The easy pose is a simple, basic sitting meditation pose perfect for yoga meditation. Your knees may not come all the way to the ground as Joan is demonstrating, and that's A-OK! Keep the focus on a tall spine. Placing a pillow under your tailbone will help you sit more comfortably, too.

All it takes is a few minutes each day in shavasana or sitting meditation. Relax and listen to your breathing. Become aware of the room around you and the body that houses your soul. Don't try to think or feel anything, but if you do, acknowledge it, then let it go. Practice letting your mind relax into a tranquil state, unplagued by worry, anxiety, sadness, or even happiness. Just "be" for a few minutes each day. Life will come into focus, and you'll discover all kinds of things about yourself (and you thought you knew yourself by now!). For more on meditation, see The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation, also by the authors of this book.

If you are uncomfortable lying flat on the floor due to lower back or joint pain, place a pillow or rolled blanket under your knees and another under your head and neck for support when practicing yoga's shavasana pose.

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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

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