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adrenal glands A pair of glands located just above the kidneys (in mammals); these glands secrete epinephrine (a stimulant) and certain steroids.

afferent nerves The nerves that carry messages from the body to the brain.

allopathic medicine The traditional medicine of Western culture, which focuses on a specific disease or problem and treats it.

Alzheimer's disease A degenerative brain disease most common in the elderly.

astral body The vehicle of the spirit, corresponding with the mind; higher than the physical body, but below the causal body.

causal body The subtlest body, it houses the spirit; higher than the physical and astral bodies.

circadian rhythms The physiological rhythms people experience throughout the course of a 24-hour day.

deltoids Muscles that lift and rotate the arms.

diaphragm A large, flat muscle at the base of the thoracic cavity that controls breathing.

estrogen Several hormones that produce sexual changes in female mammals.

fruitarian A person who practices a form of vegetarianism in which no animal products whatsoever are consumed, and all foods must be consumed raw.

holistic medicine An approach to medicine in which the patient's entire lifestyle, environment, and personality are considered in the treatment of disease.

intercostals Muscles that expand the ribs.

lacto-ovo-vegetarianism A form of vegetarianism in which no meat, poultry, or fish is consumed; but eggs, milk, and milk products are consumed.

lacto-vegetarianism A form of vegetarianism in which no meat, poultry, fish, or eggs are consumed; but milk and milk products are consumed.

larynx The area of the throat containing the vocal cords.

ligaments Bands of tissue connecting bones to bones or holding organs in place.

menopause The period in a woman's life, usually somewhere between the late thirties and the early sixties, when menstruation ceases.

Occident The West (Europe and the Americas), as opposed to the Orient. Orient The East (Asia), as opposed to the Occident. patella The kneecap.

pectorals Chest muscles that pull in and rotate the arms.

physical body The lowest of the three bodies, the physical body is the body we see; the other bodies are the astral body and the causal body.

pituitary gland A gland attached to the brain that secretes hormones affecting growth.

PMS An acronym for premenstrual syndrome.

postpartum depression A condition experienced by at least 50 percent of new mothers; characterized by depression, anxiety, drastic mood swings, and spontaneous weeping in the week after childbirth.

premenstrual syndrome A syndrome experienced by some women one to two weeks before the onset of menstruation; symptoms may include irritability, depression, restlessness, back pain, bloating, and swelling.

sartorius The muscle that twists the thigh and bends the hip and knee. scapula The shoulder blade.

sciatic nerve A long nerve that starts in the hip and runs down the leg.

sciatica A painful condition felt in the hip or thigh and down the back of the leg, resulting from inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

sensory nerves The nerves that carry messages from the brain to the body. sprain An injury to a ligament.

sternum The breastbone, a flat bone to which the ribs are attached.

strain An injury to a muscle or its tendon.

tendon Tough, connective tissue attaching muscles to bones.

thoracic cavity The cavity containing your lungs and heart.

thyroid gland Located near the trachea, this gland secretes hormones that affect growth.

tibia The inner and thicker bone of the two bones of the lower leg. tibialis anterior Muscles that raise the foot.

trachea The passageway through which air travels after inhalation. ulna The larger of the two bones of the forearm.

veganism A form of vegetarianism in which no animal products of any kind are consumed.

vegetarianism A diet in which no meat is consumed.

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