Calming Down: Postures to Quiet the Body and Mind

These postures balance those in Part 4, calming and quieting the body and mind. First are the sitting poses in Chapter 17, "Are You Sitting Down?" including poses excellent for meditation. Sitting poses center the body and are conducive to a calm and tranquil mind.

Forward-bending poses are internalizing. As the body bends forward, folding in on itself, the mind can focus more easily inward. Chapter 18, "Take the Forward Path," describes forward bends, both sitting and standing, for you to try.

Chapter 19, "Dead to the World," is devoted to the most important of all the postures: shavasana. Also known as the corpse pose, shavasana is both the easiest and most difficult, because it involves simply lying on the floor in an attitude of complete and total relaxation. Sound easy? Just wait until you try to clear that active mind and keep that restless body still! Ten minutes of shavasana every day is a great way to manage the stresses in your life.

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