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Remember yoga's traditional, ultimate purpose? Yoga was designed to help discipline the body so it doesn't get in the way of the mind. Meditation can be an important part of a yoga journey, but even if you don't sit for 20 minutes a day chanting "Om," you can still live your life in a more spiritual manner.

But do you want to live more spiritually? What does "spiritual" mean for guys? The same thing it means for anyone! Life is mysterious, beautiful, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes joyful. Bad things happen, good things happen—or at least, things happen we tend to label "bad" or "good." No matter who you are or what gender you happen to be, yoga encourages you to embrace your life and live it with respect, reverence, contentment, and in harmony with everyone and everything else on the planet.

So remember, guys: Yoga isn't just about exercise, although it can really enhance your physical life. Yoga is about the whole you. Women may tend to talk about emotional issues more, but that doesn't mean guys don't think about the big questions. Yes, we're on to you! And some of you, we know, are very interested in talking about the things that make life worth living: What is truth, how can I find meaning, how can I be a better person, how can I improve the world, how can I nurture joy and happiness within myself, among my friends, within my family?

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In his book Sacred Sexuality, Georg Feuerstein writes:

"Today, adventurers of the spirit who boldly scale the mountain of self-discipline and self-transcendence are as good as extinct. We have too limited a view of our human-ness; hence we also have too limited a view of our own sexuality. Yet we cannot live fully as sexual-erotic beings without first recovering our spiritual depth. Our sexuality can help us get in touch again with that depth; it can serve as a gateway to the spiritual dimension."

It all comes down to balance. If you tend to be a physical kind of guy, great! But don't neglect your mind, your feelings, and your spiritual search for self-knowledge and universal truth. And if you are the cerebral type or the emotional type or the philosophical type who sits around thinking about truth quite a bit and struggling to find it in your own life, great! But don't neglect the needs and potential of your physical self, which can be optimized through a vigorous Hatha Yoga practice.

Guys, we are all sentient beings, and when you step way back and look at the big picture, none of us is all that different. In fact, we're all beautifully similar, even as we retain our individuality. Each and every one of us is worth becoming the best whole self we can be. Respect and honor your own path, and the paths of others, and you'll be on your way to fulfilling your greatest potential.

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