The Curvaceous Endomorph

The endomorph is the classic Rubenesque figure: all curves and rounded surfaces. Endomorphs aren't automatically overweight, but they do tend to have a higher fat-to-muscle ratio than the other body types, accumulating fat on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

They tend to be pear-shaped, with narrower shoulders and wider hips than ecto-morphs.

Endomorphs have slower metabolisms and may seem more languid or serene than the energetic and active ectomorph. This natural tendency, when not countered with regular activity, may result in a sedentary lifestyle, something that isn't healthy for anyone. Endomorphs burn fat more slowly, and it takes more steady, low-intensity aerobic exercise for them to burn fat than it would for an ectomorph, making exercise crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.

Yoga is perfect for endomorphs, too. Many yoga exercises are low-intensity aerobic exercises that burn fat. Endomorphs might want to pay particular attention to vinyasa, such as the sun salutation (see Chapter 16, "A Continuous Flow"), groups of yoga poses strung together with coordinated breathing patterns. These pose series are just what the endomorph needs to burn off any extra fat that develops and impart the energy some endo-morphs have difficulty generating.

Endomorphs also tend to have a naturally strong lower body, but the endomorph's upper body often needs development. Many yoga exercises involve lifting and holding body weight with the upper body. These poses will help the endomorph to develop a more balanced body.

Know Your Sanskrit

Vinyasa is a steady flow of connected yoga asanas linked with breathwork in a continuous movement. It is a dynamic form of yoga.

Know Your Sanskrit

Vinyasa is a steady flow of connected yoga asanas linked with breathwork in a continuous movement. It is a dynamic form of yoga.

Your endomorph summary:

> Narrow shoulders and wide hips

> High body-fat to muscle-mass ratio

> Strong lower body

> A relaxed disposition, sometimes bordering on inactive

> Benefits from an aerobic series of yoga poses like the sun salutation, and poses that build upper body strength

The classic muscle-bound weight-lifter tends to be a mesomorph. Mesomorphs who don't want to look too bulky should limit weight-bearing activities to those who use lighter weights and more repetitions.

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