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The mesomorph develops muscle mass easily and has a high muscle-mass-to-body-fat ratio. Mesomorphs tend to accumulate fat around the waist, triceps, and back, but mesomorphs who get physical activity have well-developed muscles. It doesn't take much for a meso-morph to sport washboard abs, cut triceps, or an impressively muscled back.

Strength is the mesomorph's forte, so the weight-bearing aspect of yoga makes the mesomorph feel right at home. Too much weight-bearing exercise can actually bulk up a mesomorph too much.

Mesomorphs tend to be more easily motivated than endomorphas, and may feel right at home with the weight-bearing yoga poses, but stretching is another matter. Those tight mesomorph muscles don't tend to be particularly flexible.

Yoga to the rescue! Yoga is perhaps the best exercise for developing long, strong, flexible muscles. The aerobic aspect of yoga is also helpful for mesomorphs, since their tendency to develop fat around the middle may put them at greater risk for heart disease.

Your mesomorph summary:

> Muscular upper and lower body

> High muscle-mass-to-body-fat ratio

> Accumulates fat around the middle

> An easily motivated disposition

> Benefits from moderately aerobic yoga poses and poses that lengthen and increase the flexibility of muscles

A Yoga Minute

The classic muscle-bound weight-lifter tends to be a mesomorph. Mesomorphs who don't want to look too bulky should limit weight-bearing activities to those who use lighter weights and more repetitions.

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