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The ectomorph body type tends to be tall and slender with narrow shoulders and hips, long limbs, relatively low body fat, and underdeveloped muscles. Although the stereotypical ectomorph is slender because of a tendency to have a lower muscle mass, ectomorphs can develop a high fat-to-muscle ratio if they don't get enough exercise.

Luckily, exercise is easy for ectomorphs, who tend to be highly energetic and who, when in shape, can bounce effortlessly through a high-impact aerobics class followed by a three-mile run. Good luck keeping up with an ectomorph's pace. Unless you are also an ectomorph, it won't be easy.

Aerobic activity, however, while healthy in moderation, isn't as important for ecto-morphs as developing those muscles. Everyone needs cardiovascular exercise, but ec-tomorphs may tend to overdo this type of activity because it comes so easily. Not so easy for ectomorphs is weight training.

Yoga is great for ectomorphs because it can help to slow that frantic pace they tend to maintain. Yoga is also a weight-bearing activity, so it is the perfect, gentle way to introduce ectomorphs to their own muscles. Because many yoga poses lift, hold, and/or balance the body's own weight, yoga provides ectomorphs with the muscle-developing and strength-building exercise their body type requires to maintain a physical fitness equilibrium.

Your ectomorph summary:

> Narrow shoulders and hips

> Long limbs

> Low body-fat to muscle-mass ratio

> High energy

> Benefits from yoga poses that are calming and poses that develop muscle strength

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