This Cold Wont Go Away

Having a cold all winter long is frustrating as well as counterproductive to your happiness and well-being. If you can't get rid of your cold or keep getting colds back-to-back, consider where the virus is coming from. Are you washing your hands often enough? Do you frequently touch your face? Are you in contact with a lot of people all day long?

During the cold season, cold germs are everywhere, so be extra careful about hygiene. If you have kids, make sure they wash their hands before they eat and before they touch food others will eat. Remind them to wash their hands when they're away from home (at school or a friend's house) before eating and after touching anything that might not be sanitary, such as anything in a public bathroom.

Some colds have been known to turn into more serious problems, like sinus infections, bronchitis, or even pneumonia, so it's in your best interest to do everything you can to prevent them. Increase your intake of vitamin C, preferably through real food such as fresh citrus fruit, fresh-squeezed juice, strawberries, and broccoli. Also ...

> Do lots of pranayama to keep your breathing passages clear. Keep a tissue nearby! Pranayama techniques also work to increase and strengthen the immune system.

> When possible, breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. Your nasal passages are designed to filter out pollutants, viruses, and bacteria. If you are too congested to breathe through your nose, sit with your head over a bowl of hot water and a towel draped over your head to clear that congestion.

> If your cold comes with a headache, try the previously mentioned headache relief suggestions.

> Poses that open the chest can feel great when you are congested. Try the bow, fish, and cobra poses (all in Chapter 14).


Wise Yogi Tells Us

If you have nasal congestion, try using a neti pot. A neti pot is a pot specifically tailored to the nose! A mixture of saline solution is poured into one nostril and comes out the other nostril with the appropriate tilt of the head. Neti pots are traditionally used in the yoga practice of a cleansing ritual called neti (described in Chapter 8). Ask your yoga teacher about this specially made little pot which can help to remove nasal irritants and clear nasal passages.

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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

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