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A hero stands tall and proud, even when sitting on the floor! The hero pose refreshes your legs, stretches your knees, and balances your Saturn chakra (located at the base of your spine). Virasana is pronounced vir-AH-sah-nah.

The hero pose also teaches you to expand your breathing space even while sitting. Imagine lifting from the top of your head and anchoring your hips to the floor. Let your breath expand everything in between.

Feel your breath while sitting in the hero pose.

The hero pose can be hard on delicate knees if performed too quickly or attempted before your flexibility allows it. Go very gradually into this pose so you can feel at what point your knees are telling you to stop. If this is hard to do, sit on a telephone book. Every time you practice, tear out one page. In other words, go slow. You'll get a little farther each time.

Sitting Heels

Breathe deeply ... heroes always breathe deeply. (That's how they stay calm in the face of adversity!) Feel your diaphragm lowering as your body fills with air.

Sit back on your heels, gradually separating your feet until you are sitting on the floor between your legs.

Keep your knees from buckling in, and move your lower back forward without inflating your upper chest.

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