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Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, sometimes we get very sick. Competent medical care is crucial if you have a serious condition, but yoga can help, too. When your body is aligned, strong, and flexible, it will be able to fight off illness more effectively. When your mind is calm, peaceful, and optimistic, your body will be even better at battling the bad stuff. Keep your body filled with prana and positive thoughts, and don't give up hope. Hope is the best nurse of all.

Yoga can be excellent for serious conditions, but we recommend practicing one on one with an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher if you .

> Have recently had surgery.

> Are pregnant (take one of the excellent prenatal yoga classes offered in many cities).


This book isn't meant to replace your doctor! If you're sick, injured, or the victim of any kind of chronic pain, seek medical attention from a licensed medical professional. Yoga can be a great complement to your physician's treatment plan. Ask your doctor how yoga fits in!

> Have cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, high blood pressure, HIV, multiple sclerosis, or any other serious condition.

> Have a debilitating physical handicap.

The one-on-one, personal attention to your specific needs can be a tremendous asset to your healing process.

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