Why Practicing Yoga Is So Twenty First Century

We would describe the twenty-first-century world as materialistic but optimistic. As people gradually become disillusioned by, or recover from, materialism, discovering that it doesn't bring happiness, they are searching, in increasing numbers, for a way of life more satisfying and fulfilling. So you've got the Porsche, the penthouse, the beachfront condo, and the three-carat diamond. Now what? Or maybe you've gone through a bankruptcy or divorce, and you're starting over. Stuff didn't make you happy. Relationships based on stuff, illusions, and nonreality didn't work, either. Now what?

Throughout history, priorities change and fashions come and go. The pendulum is swinging back toward spiritual priorities and self-actualization, away from more worldly concerns. This trend is apparent in the popularity of books like this one, on subjects both spiritual and holistic. People are looking inward again.

Yoga fits easily and comfortably into these new (or renewed) priorities. Yoga doesn't (or shouldn't) concern itself with technology, wealth, or sophistication. It's an inner journey toward self-realization and an outer journey toward physical control, holistic health, and confidence that comes not from possessions but from self-possession.

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