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Yoga is both fun and beneficial for kids of any age. You can do yoga with your newborn infant, your toddler, your preschooler, your kindergartner, your fourth-grader, your eighth-grader, your high school sophomore, your high school graduate. Older kids often enjoy establishing and growing in an individual yoga practice, too. If you've set them on the yoga path, chances are they'll continue it on their own. What a great gift to give your child!

But yoga is a little different, depending on the age of your child. Infant yoga is, naturally, a completely different kind of practice than yoga for teens. In general, encourage younger kids to talk, respond, and flex their imaginations while practicing yoga (except during meditation, which should be quiet and focused for all). Teens may appreciate a more internalized practice, or maybe not, if they are practicing yoga with a group of friends.

Let's look briefly at some yoga approaches for kids of all ages. Also feel free to adapt any of the basic poses in this book in ways that are fun (and safe) for your child's developmental level. For a whole book on yoga for kids, check out The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids by Jodi B. Komitor and Eve Adamson.

Wise Yogi Tells Us

Let your children's yoga workout be fun and full of communication when they need it, so they can get the most out of each pose and you'll have a better idea of how they're doing, what they do and don't understand, and how you can best progress with them. When yoga is a family affair, everyone stays in better touch.


Never force your baby's body in a direction it doesn't want to go. Also pay attention to your baby's response to yoga. If he or she isn't in the mood, try again later.

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