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^ How yoga is different when practiced in pairs

^ Great postures for partners

^ How yoga can make all your relationships—even the sexual—more spiritual

^ Meditation for two

Why practice yoga with anyone else? Isn't yoga a solitary and self-reflective pursuit? Yes, it is. But the journey can also involve spiritual communion between two bodies and two souls. Also, postures you can perform alone can be modified or performed more deeply or intensely when someone else helps you. Plus, practicing yoga with a friend, partner, or spouse can deepen your relationship, because you'll be undertaking at least certain legs of your yoga journey hand in hand.

Finding wholeness and balance within yourself is important. However, because you probably aren't a hermit living alone in a cave or on a mountaintop, it's also important to find wholeness and balance in your relationships. Practicing yoga with a fellow yogi can expand your sense of balance and improve your relationship, not only with your yoga partner but with all your fellow earthlings.

Double yoga helps to unfold your awareness, so it blankets your entire household, community, country, and planet. It gives you insight into the journeys, desires, suffering, and joy of others. It helps you to understand that every human being is as complex, interesting, and beautiful as you are.

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