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> Dog days. Have a dog party! Everyone chooses a dog, whether poodle or St. Bernard. Run, play, pant, play, roll over, play, and play like the dog you have chosen.

> Invent your own nature poses. The possibilities are endless.

Kids taking the significant step of starting grade school may be under pressures adults aren't aware of. No longer under our watchful eyes, they can suffer from peer pressure, pressure to succeed, and learning problemseven in kindergarten! Let yoga be a bridge between you and your gradeschooler. It will help your child handle stress and keep the lines of communication open between you.


> Kids can also learn breathing exercises. But keep it simple. Have kids rest their hands on your stomach to feel how your stomach moves gently when you bring your breath lower. Then have them try this on each other. Ask them if they remember when they were sleeping in the crib and their tummies moved up and down. Ask them to pretend they are in the crib now.

> Kids can even meditate! Have kids sit quietly and focus on a pleasant object, like a flower, a small figurine, or a toy. At first, rather than stress the absence of thought, suggest that your kids focus on one single feeling, such as love, happiness, or peacefulness. When thoughts arise, refocus on how the feeling feels instead.

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