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Yoga mudra (pronounced YOH-gah MOO-drah) is a symbol of unity. This important pose inspires feelings of devotion and humility. It also stretches your legs and hips, opens your shoulders, and aids the gastrointestinal tract.

1. Sit cross-legged or in the kneeling pose.

2. Move your arms behind your back, clasp your hands, and lower your head to the floor.

3. Keeping your arms straight, lift your clasped hands up over your head until your arms are perpendicular to the floor.

4. Yoga Adventure: Bring your hands into namaste (remember the namaste mudra from Chapter 17, "Are You Sitting Down?") and let them rest on your middle back.

A yogi holding naukasana (pronounced now-KAH-sah-nah) looks like a boat bobbing on the waves, and nauka literally means "ship." This pose tones your stomach and intestines, strengthens your back, and activates your Mars chakra (located behind your navel).

The yoga mudra pose.

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Beginners Guide To Yoga

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