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Here are some great ideas for routines to begin your yoga practice, based on the yoga classes that Joan teaches to her students. Whether you need a relaxing five-minute break in the middle of the workday, or an invigorating full-hour session at home to get you energized, toned, and ready for anything, Joan has suggestions for you. Each sequence of yoga postures helps you focus on something specific. For example, one sequence can hone in on improving your physical sense of balance, while another can help you release anger and negative feelings. Other examples include toning internal organs, building upper body strength, and increasing lung capacity. You'll want to choose the routine that's right for you. And remember, it's not important how much yoga you do, but that you keep practicing, doing as much as you can whenever you can. Yoga moves at your pace, in the time you have!

Every time you practice yoga, try to view it as the first time. Study what your body is doing, and don't take anything for granted. Yoga is a new experience every day! Let's say you've learned the mountain pose, tadasana, but you think it's an easy pose and you don't concentrate on it very much during your practice. Your performance of the pose becomes unaware, and your yoga practice is likely to be unproductive. Every time you enter this mountain pose, enter it fully. Feel your thigh muscles strong and engaged, reach through your fingertips toward the ground where each toe is securely planted, lower your shoulders, and feel your head and neck rise upward; you are a

Also put aside any preconceived ideas you have about being a "beginning student," "intermediate student," or "advanced student." Sure, some postures might be beyond

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