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Blood Sugar7



• SlimPure™—this decaffeinated green coffee extract is a natural thermogenic that supports blood sugar health to minimize fat storage and increase lean body mass*

• Fucoxanthin—a carotenoid from brown seaweed, amd an antioxidant with emerging science supporting its effect on metabolism*



• Blueberry Leaf & Bayberry Bark Extracts—

powerful antioxidants that promote efficient glucose metabolism and support already healthy blood sugar levels*

• Ashwagandha Extract—an Ayurvedic herb studied to regulate cortisol levels in the body, providing numerous benefits from symptoms associated with stress**

j t These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. |

♦The Ashwagandha in Diet 360 helps you manage stress and stress-related issues.* Stress can cause a biological response in the body that ultimately leads to occasional loss of sleep, general irritability, skipping meals, binge eating, carb loading and other challenges. * fucoTHIN® sales SPINS 52 Weeks Ending 9/5/09


Diet 360 gives you the benefit of MULTIPLE clinically studied ingredients designed to address MULTIPLE barriers to weight loss.t Everything is accounted for in this revolutionary new formula. That's why Diet 360 is a truly holistic approach to healthy, faster weight loss, accomplished through these seven paths:

1. Slimming Downf

2. Increases Lean Body Mass7

3. Increases Metabolism to Burn Calories7

4. Maintains Already Healthy Blood Sugar Levels7_

Boost Energy & Reduce Fatigue1

Reduces Stress & Cortisol1

5. Boosts Energy and Reduces Stress-related Fatigue7*

_6. Promotes Restful Sleep7

7. Reduces the Stress Hormone Cortisol to Help Fight Associated Cravings7*

Use with diet and exercise As you can see, instead of focusing on one aspect of weight loss, Diet 360 is a holistic and multi-dimensional approach attacking weigh. loss from SEVEN angles.1


The ingredients that comprise Diet 360 have been individually reviewed and clinically studied for the role they play in supporting weight loss.t

Ashwangandha extract, works to bolster the body's stress response, which helps reduce the stress hormone Cortisol.1 As people become stressed, their responses can be varied. Things like skipping meals, binge eating, carb craving, stress-related fatigue, mood swings and occasional sleeplessness are common. By inhibiting stress responses, Ashwangandha extract supports healthy weight management.1

The combination of blueberry leaf and bayberry bark extracts are clinically studied ingredients included in Diet 360. Where Ashwangandha extract works to reduce cortisol and stress, the blueberry leaf and bayberry bark work to reduce the negative impact of food, particularly with regard to blood sugar levels.1

If you eat a high amount of carbs and sugar, there will be a lot of glucose in the bloodstream. The longer glucose is in the bloodstream, the more likely that the body will try to get rid of it another way. The longer insulin touches glucose, the more likely it will convert that glucose into fatty acids. The fat created in the process may manifest itself as new fat cells or increase the size of existing fat cells. Maintaining blood sugar levels (already in the normal range) with Diet 360 may ultimately lead to slower fat cell production.1

In clinical studies, blueberry leaf and bayberry bark were shown to help maintain already normal blood sugar levels for healthy glycemic response.1 These ingredients did so by expediting glucose from the bloodstream into fat and muscle cells.1 By advancing the movement of glucose quickly into the cells, glucose can't be converted efficiently into fat by the insulin.

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