General Advertising

advertising director Lisa Wolford (415) 591-0601

northwest sales director

Kathleen Craven (415) 380-9642

east coast sales Al Berman (516) 766-2122

midwest sales Kathi Magee (414) 897-0377

detroit sales Colleen Maiorana (248) 546-2222

southern california sales

Gloria Biscardi (310) 356-2247

southwest sales Tanya Scribner (214) 660-9713


east coast senior account manager Aldren Bormann (415) 591-0602 west coast account manager Rosalind Zukowski (415) 591-0603 marketplace and classifieds Katherine Rae (415) 434-6296


group marketing director Celine Bleu (415) 591-0726

senior marketing designer Anne Mellinger junior marketing designer Melissa Vigil marketing design interns Eleni Monos, Jesse Crosswhite online sales strategist

Caroline Casper (415) 434-6288

events and promotions manager

John Robles (415) 434-6292

marketing manager Ashley Miller (415) 591-0722

communications director Dayna Macy research director Kristy Kaus marketing intern John Hammond


group circulation director Barbara Besser group fulfillment manager Jessica Bucher director of partnerships/web marketing Debbie Kane marketing and promotions specialist Sarah Kleinman group new business manager Brian Karo circulation analyst Vicki Law


director of information technology, AIM Nelson Saenz information technology consultants

Elias Husary, Kirk Thompson office manager Andrea Fotopoulos office assistant Tadeo llarde publisher's assistant Lori Rodriguez

John B. Abbott publisher emeritus

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