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In this variation (see figure i), hold on to something firm, like a table, to help you find stability while you learn to press your heels down and lengthen your spine. The variation will also help you stretch your calves and ankles so that you can reach your heels to the floor. The object you hold on to should be fixed, secure, and high enough so that your arms can reach upward in the squat. If you don't have a table at the correct height, a doorknob may work, or you can open the door and hold on to the doorknobs on either side. Wall ropes, a countertop, a bed frame, or a banister may also work.

Begin by standing with your feet together. Now hold on to the table or support and step back a couple of feet. Exhale and squat so that your knees are in front of your ankles and your heels under your buttocks. If your buttocks are almost touching the floor, you need to step your feet a little farther back, away from the table. If you moved so far back that your heels are no longer touching the floor, try walking your feet a little closer to the table until you can just barely reach your heels to the floor. This alignment will help you stay balanced when you are no longer using the table for support.

Keep your feet together, press the inner edges of your heels into the floor, and


February 2010

For men, a successful diet means giving up beer.

For women, weight loss is a much more complex thing.

Thank your XX chromosomes for your wobbly bits, it's not fair, but ferrate bodies are genetically disposed to carry extra fat; compared to maies we have more enzymes for fat storage and less for fat burning. Add in the psychology of being a woman that makes it hard to diet and easy to Overeat - wonky hormones, little energy, no "you" time - and no wonder "after" feels unattainable.

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2. Hormonal spikes and dips are linked to gooey, non-diet friendly food.

By steadying your hormones throughout the month, SLIMQiICK8 helps you reduce the symptoms that lead to overeating, overindulging and overdoing,

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6. It's a simple equation; eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight,

SLIMQUICK® helps shrink your appetite so that you are better able to sustain a lower calorie diet.

Su percenters


Try the 6 ways (plus diet and exercise, of course) as a part of your plan to get into your skinny jeans. Or just 10 leave the harsh, fluorescent-lit reality of "before." Whatever the reason, know that SUMQUICK" is designed lor women so it will address your female body in a way lhat unisex pills don't. After, you can address err que part of being a female: the shop for new clothes.

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