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Leadership Training

Yoga, Purpose & Action with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri & Suzanne Sterling

March 17 -21

Yoga Tree, San Francisco, CA

Over 33 million people are living with HIV/AIDS today, with 67% living in sub-saharan Africa . Working closely with YouthAIDS, TAC and Baphumelele school in South Africa we will help to fund and build health and education programs that will provide tools and resources for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Embark on a full immersion journey that will take you to the heart of your service.

Examine some of the root causes of crime, poverty, marginalization and trauma in minority and urban youth in America.

June 6-11

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

June 11-13

Advanced Leadership Training Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Experience a depthful and provocative journey into your own Self as well as into the situations and realities that exist right in our own back yard.

August 1*6 Esalen, Big Sur, CA

November 3-7 Om Time, Denver, CO essence of yoga by Rod Stryker

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Lose Weight Today With Yoga

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