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a serious wrist injury that curtailed her personal practice. She turned her attention to starting the Telluride Yoga Festival. Fortunately, one of her loyal students, Elaine Demas, was a professional event organizer. Hackman wanted to create the most environmentally friendly conference imaginable. 'After going to another yoga conference, I was bummed out at the wastefulness of the event—all the plastic water bottles in the trash," Hackman says. "There needed to be an event that really tied in the theory of yoga."

In order to offset the carbon footprint for attendees getting to the festival, Hackman asked each one to donate $10 to the New Community Coalition, a Telluride group that does sustainable-living projects like retrofitting the local high school for solar power. In return, the NCC helped set up guidelines for making the festival zero waste. Hackman also decided to donate 25 percent of the net proceeds to a different local environmental organization each year. By the second year, she and Demas were attracting high-level teachers like Sarah Powers and Richard Freeman, and featuring styles across the yoga gamut, from Ashtanga intensives to Tibetan Heart Yoga.

Last June, Telluride resident Lorrie Denesik went to a daylong intensive workshop given by Scott Blossom and Chandra Easton that combined his teachings on shadow yoga with her Buddhist background. "It's really special to have those two amazing people together in one room, for a whole day," she says. "At festivals, these top instructors are asked to be at their best, and they're trying to deliver the root of their experience. It's not their daily practice or their daily class. Everything is heightened."

In Telluride, attendees do yoga at the base of the mountains, then can go hiking between sessions. Denesik says that something transcendent emerges. "There's this vortex ofenergy here already in Telluride," she says. "We can be inside and outside and experience the oneness that we're all trying to achieve when we practice yoga. I've been to yoga events

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