Janu Sirsasana

(Head-of-the-Knee Pose), variation

When you practice Janu Sirsasana as a twist rather than a forward bend, it can further educate you about the mechanics of rotation. Sit with the soles of your feet together and your knees apart in Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose). If you find it difficult to sit with an upright pelvis and straight back, sit on a folded blanket. Keep your left knee in place and extend your right leg, centering your weight on the back of the heel. Hold the outer edge ofyour right leg or foot with your left hand, and place your right hand on the back ofyour right hip. Keep your gaze on your right foot, and with an exhalation, lift your ribs and shift your lower abdomen to the right to align the midline, or axis, of your torso with the right leg. You may already feel a twist; now turn it up a notch by broadening your chest and pulling your right collarbone and shoulder back. As in Supta Parivrtta Garudasana, keep your hips fixed and strongly turn your upper spine.

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