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In a clinical study, 50 participants with a BMI of 25 or higher lost an average of 10.9 pounds over 60 days versus 5.4 pounds for the placebo group.1 The study only evaluated SlimPure, just one of the ingredients in Diet 360. See for full details.


Those Pesky Fat Cells

While fat has many important functions in the body, it's best to think of fat as an energy source. If you go on a diet and reduce the amount of calories you consume, your body will call on the excess fat stores in your body to provide energy. If you add exercise to the equation, more energy is required and more fat will be used.

Using excess fat as energy and burning more calories is a great way to enhance weight loss. It is for that reason that Diet 360 contains ingredients that are designed to increase metabolism to burn more calories and promote the formation of lean muscle mass versus fat mass.t

One of those ingredients, fucoxanthin, has vaulted into the weight loss spotlight over the last few years, and for good reason. Fucoxanthin actually goes to work within the fat cells, where it has the ability to increase the energy expenditure of the cell.t This increased metabolism aids the body in burning calories, which is one of the goals of any weight loss program.t

Unlike many other ingredients that boost metabolism, fucoxanthin does so without stimulating the central nervous system, a common side effect of many weight loss supplements^

Finally, Diet 360 contains a clinically studied decaffeinated green coffee extract called SlimPure™. In addition to the weight loss results discussed, SlimPure was shown to significantly increase the ratio of muscle mass to fat mass.t

Diet 360—a True Diet Revolution

At the end of the day, Diet 360 was born out of a comprehensive approach to weight loss. With multiple paths to weight loss and clinically studied ingredients, Diet 360 is the logical choice to help you start your own weight loss revolution.

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