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The Natural Energy of Whole Food Concentrates

More Than A Multiple™ is an energy rich, whole food multivitamin containing more than 50 high-potency vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, herbs and amino acids. Our whole food concentrate formula supplies your body with naturally occurring nutrients found within fruits, vegetables and whole foods — like bioflavonoids and antioxidants. An exclusive 8-hour timed-release delivery system provides both immediate and extended nutritional support, so you feel good throughout the day*

More Than A Multiple" provides all the nutritional completeness you need for optimum health*.

More Than A MultipleC. its all you need all day.

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Also available in Men's, Women's, and Iron Free/Vegetarian Formulas at health food, vitamin and specialty stores.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

reach the floor, place a rolled blanket underneath them so they have something to press into.

With your feet touching and your heels down, spread your knees apart as you reach forward between your legs with your arms. Bring your chest parallel to the floor. Push your inner heels down, lengthen the sides of your waist away from your hips, and pull your chest forward. Move your inner thigh muscles back toward your pelvis. Now see if you can relax the very top inner thighs at your groin to give you the freedom to pull your torso away from your legs. As your hips and inner thighs move back, they'll act as a counterbalance to your torso.

Exhale and bend your elbows with your arms still between your legs and place your palms on the floor. Reach your hands

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<: in-depth instruction for other poses? Go to our website, :, and click on : "Basics" in the navigation bar.

around the outside edges of your ankles and catch hold of your heels. As you do this, don't let the sides of your waist shrink or retract. In this position, with your shoulders underneath your knees, you can see how the pose got its name: The arms are said to resemble a garland hanging around the neck. Now pull on your heels and exhale to take your head toward the floor.

Observe your feet. Is one foot tilting toward its outer edge? Are your feet moving away from each other? Press both inner heels down evenly and stretch your toes forward. Pull the tops ofyour thighs and hips back, and if your buttocks lift slightly, consciously take your buttocks down as you bring your head a little closer to the floor. If you can, place your forehead on the floor near your toes. If that isn't possible for you, just allow the back of your neck to release down without tightening your throat.

Even though you are drawn into a compact ball in this pose, continue to lengthen your waist and ribs forward as if they are being pulled out of your hips. Take a few smooth breaths to work on the rhythmic balance of rooting and extending, spreading and lengthening. Soften your throat and allow the entire back of your body—from tailbone to head—to release into this full forward bend.

To come out of the pose, release your ankles, place your hands on the floor in front of your toes, inhale, and straighten your legs into Uttanasana. Extend the backs of your legs as you release your head and neck down. If you practice the compact and soothing forward bend of Malasana regularly, you'll learn the art of squatting with ease. It's a skill that you'll find useful throughout your life— whether you are trying to improve your posture, getting close to a heavy object to lift it safely without straining your back, or creating your own restful seat when there are no chairs available. *

Marla Apt (visit is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She teaches and leads teacher trainings in Los Angeles and abroad.

Finally, the next generation in digestive health.

Introducing American Health® Probiotic CD™ and American Health® Enzyme Probiotic Complex

With the aid of probiotics to promote intestinal health and enzymes to help relieve occasional digestive discomfort, you and your food can stop feeling like enemies and start being true friends*

Probiotic CD™

12 Billion Bio-Active Microorganisms' Once Daily Formula

Controlled Delivery -Intestinal Release System

Stomach Acid Protected -All Day Support

100% Vegetarian; Non-GMO



Probiotic CD™

12 Billion Bio-Active Microorganisms' Once Daily Formula

Controlled Delivery -Intestinal Release System

Stomach Acid Protected -All Day Support

100% Vegetarian; Non-GMO

100% Vegetarian; Non-GMO

Enzyme Probiotic Complex

9 Clinically Researched Enzymes Plus 2 Billion Bio-Active Probiotics"

Helps Relieve Occasional Discomforts: Constipation, Gas & Bloating* ◊

Multi-Level Dual Action Benefits In One Convenient Formula j*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. | A At time of manufacture ◊ Intestinal microflora imbalance may lead to digestive irregularities such as occasional constipation, gas and bloating. St1.^*^ Bio-tract® is a registered trademark of Nutraceutix, Inc. ©2010 American Health, Inc. ioieo9cg

100% Vegetarian; Non-GMO

Available at fine health and natural food stores.

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There are many reasons for weight gain—cultural, emotional, physical, biological or even economical. Maybe you were raised in an environment where fat-laden fried foods were served every night, or maybe you work in a stress-filled job that leaves eating as your only outlet for pent-up emotions. Perhaps you're a member of the "TV generation" that shuns outdoor exercise, or maybe you're one of the millions living life on-the-go who turn to quick, cheap calories provided by fast-food restaurants. For the majority of you with weight to lose, it's likely that several of these factors are adding unwanted pounds to your body.


Fixing your weight gain situation must be just as multi-faceted as the cause, starting first with attitude. To overcome this challenge, you've got to understand two vital thoughts. The first key is understanding and accepting that carrying extra pounds is about far more than appearance. It compromises your health and affects every aspect of how you live your life.

The second is fighting this war on multiple battlefields. You've got to change your attitude, your thinking process, your food intake, your exercise, and possibly even wage a war against your body's own chemistry to get the scale moving again in the right direction. You don't need a small "tweak," you need a revolution—a 180 degree change with a 360 degree plan!

We formulated Diet 360 to help you wage war on excess weight and finally win the battle of the bulge. Diet 360 provides a comprehensive and holistic approach in helping you reach your weight loss and total health goals.* Today, weight loss comes full circle—with Diet 360!

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Selling ■ Weight Loss Brand

Natural Products Industry*

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