Dark Chocolate made with ftiie Trinitario coco) brant for an intense laitc

70% Cocoa Content

■ ■■■ . It's where green meets black. Where pampering the Earth exists harmoniously with pampering yourself. At Green ■■ ■■ Black's, we've always been committed to using deliciously full-flavored, organic ingredients. It simply made sense to us. As a result, our chocolate has an undeniably deep, complex taste and the signature intensity for which we've become known. Too decadent? Impossible.

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Making Chocolate 101

Making Chocolate 101

If you love chocolate then you can’t miss this opportunity to... Discover How to Make Homemade Chocolate! Do you love gourmet chocolate? Most people do! Fine chocolates are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Kings and princes have for centuries coveted chocolate. Did you know that chocolate used to be one of the expensive items in the world, almost as precious as gold? It’s true!

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