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Stockbridge, Massachusetts 800.741.7353 with them into a simple spinal twist. Notice how your shoulders stay on the floor while the movement of your hips and legs rotates the spine, much like turning a corkscrew. Stay for a minute to feel and observe your back muscles. Are they tight? Do your shoulders rest comfortably on the mat? Try to consciously release any stiffness you feel in your back muscles by allowing your spine to settle into the floor.

Next, bring your attention to your breath. Twists squeeze the diaphragm, which can make your breath feel strained. To help release tension, use each inhalation to create space in your abdomen and each exhalation to coax your muscles to adapt to the twist.

When the spine rotates in more challenging twists such as Supta Parivrtta Garudasana (Reclining Revolved Eagle Pose), your muscles will resist and rebel. Take the time now, when the pose is simple, to use it as a primer for exploring how to adjust to the muscular resistance. Stay for another minute, then bring your legs back to center and switch sides.

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