Satchidananda Ashramyogaville

Ram Weiner, swami Asokananda, swami Karunananda, 108 Yogaville Way, Buckingham, vA, 23921 p (800) 858-9642 F (434) 969-1303 [email protected]

Integral Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs. Residential courses provide total immersion in yogic lifestyle: basic, intermediate, and advanced hatha yoga; meditation; cardiac, cancer, and gentle yoga; stress management; prenatal/postnatal; children's yoga; therapeutic yoga; more. Workshops. Retreats. Children's camp. Work/study. Guest stays. Vegetarian meals. Celebrating 43 years of service, 1966-2010.

Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

The Growing Interest In Yoga To Unlock The Inner You Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Business! In this book, you will learn all about the secrets behind what Yoga really is and what yoga can do for you and your life. How yoga can help unlock the inner you.

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