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RETREATS AND WORKSHOPS: Costa Rica, Feb 28 - March 6 Boulder, May 9 Chicago, May 14 Kripalu, June 4 - 6 Omega, Sept 3 - 5 High View, WV, Sept 17 - 19 Bahamas, Dec 22 - Jan 1

SACRED CHANT CONCERTS: Sedona, March 10 Encinitas, CA, March 13 Los Angeles, March 14 Santa Barbara, March 17 Oakland, March 19 Santa Rosa, March 21 Sacramento, March 24 Ashland, March 26 Portland, March 28 Seattle, March 31 Victoria, April 2 Vancouver, April 4 Boulder, May 7 Chicago, May 16 Toronto, May 19 London, ON, May 20 Ottawa, May 22 Montreal, May 26 Arlington, MA, May 28 Northampton, MA, May 30 Connecticut, June 2 Auburn, NY, Sept 7 & 8 New York City, Sept 10 New Jersey, Sept 12 Charleston, Sept 22

Atlanta, Sept 24 Sarasota, FL, Sept 29 Clearwater, FL, Oct 1 Ft. Lauderdale, Oct 3

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that, whether we deal with it skillfully or not, there is no life without kama.

Shining the light of awareness on your desires can help you focus on the ones that honor the true essence of life. "The conscious pursuit of kama is a profound yogic practice," Kempton says. "To practice kama yogically means to practice being fully present with whatever you're experiencing. There are many levels of pleasure, from eating a pizza to finding a meditation practice that allows your heart to expand. As a yogi, you learn to distinguish. You know which pleasures are saturated with god consciousness and are drenched in the ecstasies of the soul, and which ones leave you depleted or lying to yourself about what is really going on."

Brooks notes that focusing on the right kinds ofpleasure can lead you toward your dharma—and help you fulfill it with passion. "Passion is never the problem," he says. "Passion is the solution." Find your own solution by inquiring deeply about your own pursuit of pleasure. Ask yourself these key questions:

> What am I passionate about?

> What brings me pleasure?

> Am I enjoying my life?

> What do I most desire?

> Am I hooked on anything?

> Are my pleasures leading me toward or away from my life's purpose?

4) MOKSHA I freedom

Moksha, or liberation, is widely considered to be the pinnacle of the purushar-thas. "The whole game is that you want to be free," explains John Friend. "You want 'freedom from' and 'freedom to.' Freedom from suffering and from that which is blocking you from realizing your own power and connection to life. And you want freedom to express your own creativity as fully as possible, freedom to live fully and be happy."

In its broadest, biggest, and most grand and elevated sense, moksha means

J^^y oin Amma Sri Karunamayi for an inspiring retreat and discover how meditation, yoga and ayurveda weave together to create a sacred life full of peace, love and joyous harmony.

Amma's Five-Day Retreat Will Feature:

- individual blessings ■ yoga and pranayama for deeper meditation

- ayurvedic teachings for better health - sacred fire ceremony to purify the subtle body and awaken your spiritual potential - memories to last a lifetime

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mm achieving nirvana, or the complete liberation from the cycle of incarnation. "Moksha is about getting off the wheel of samsara [the cycle of suffering caused by birth, death, and rebirth]," Kempton explains. "You can be a good person who is living a dharmic life, taking care of yourself and your family, enjoying your family life and your career, but all of that will be ultimately unsatisfying unless you are also doing the practices that can lead to moksha."

But moksha doesn't have to be some other place and time or some exalted state to be reached, irrevocably, only once and to the exclusion of the human experience. "The question with moksha is whether it is a goal, or whether it is your nature," Brooks says. "In other words, do you become free, or are you born free? One view is that moksha is a kind of otherworldliness—that it's the opposite of dharma. The other argument is that freedom is your nature, that it's here and now. Every time you look into your baby's eyes, you get a hit of moksha. You don't feel confined by that responsibility of being a parent; you feel that it offers you the deepest sense of your own freedom and choice."

Simply taking time to remember your own inherent freedom, in other words, gives meaning to your dharma — and everything you do in life. Practicing yoga, in a very real sense, is practicing moksha. "You are as free as you experience yourself to be," Brooks notes. "Consider the idea that it is because you are so free that you have to bind yourself. What do you choose to commit to?" And that is a question of dharma.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when assessing the role moksha is playing in your life:

> What am I doing to free myself from activities and perceptions that make me unhappy?

> How can I not get caught in my emotions? What do I choose to bind myself to?

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