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Ashley Turner advises her clients who want to lose weight that their physical yoga practice should be well rounded and comfortably challenging. She adds that how challenging a practice is for each individual will depend on their experience with yoga and their fitness level to begin with. She recommends practicing a minimum of three times a week if your goal is to lose weight, and working at a level that feels like a healthy challenge. "Sweating and increased heart rate are indications of that," she says.

For the greatest weight loss benefit, Turner says, your practice should have variety. "If you do the same thing all the time, your muscles will adapt," she says. In the sequence on pages 74 to 79, for example, she suggests practicing it one day as a flow, and another day holding each pose for 30 seconds to a minute. When that starts to feel comfortable, she says, you might try adding a Sun Salutation between each pair of poses. Turner also advises trying different styles ofyoga and different teachers, and mixing in other physical activities like walking, hiking, or swimming as ways of moving out of your body's comfort zone and toward enjoying what it feels like to really challenge your body in a healthy, sustainable way

For people who feel less than comfortable going to a public yoga class, Wendy Althoff suggests that practicing poses with a DVD (particularly one that modifies poses for larger bodies so that you can learn to move your body safely) or a private instructor can help you become more comfortable, as can getting a like-minded friend to go to class with you at first.

Five years after losing 125 pounds, Liz Dunn says she never worries about gaining back the weight she lost. She practices asana and meditation daily, "Because life goes on," she says. "It's truly the unity of settling into oneselfand the physicality of yoga that is so transformative." ❖

Linda Sparrowe, author of The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health and Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book, writes extensively on women's health topics. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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This is the clear voice of a modern yogi. Ganga is living proof that the real tradition of Yoga is still very much alive and well.—Erich Schifimann, Yogi and Author yoga

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