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Lizzie Nichols, 3620 Buchanan st., san Francisco, CA, 94123 P (415) 931-9642 [email protected] healingyoga.org

Healing Yoga Foundation is a nonprofit offering yoga as a holistic discipline for health, healing and personal growth. Yoga therapy, one-on-one consultation and practices that address the students' specific needs. We offer group classes in asana, Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Vedic chanting, pranayama, meditation. For information, call (415) 931-9642; visit healingyoga.org.

tokyo luna-works

Tomoko ito, 3-22-21-101 Zoushigaya, Toshima, Tokyo, 171-0032 P +81 90 9321 9047 F +81 3 6326 1317 [email protected] senioryogafit.luna-works.com

Teaching restorative, prenatal yoga, yoga for infertility, for seniors, athletes, nurses, patients. Teacher training for each also available. Promoting Yoga as Medicine Japanese edition. RYT 500. IAYT member.

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The Newbies Guide To Yoga

The Newbies Guide To Yoga

Yoga is extensively know as a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses know as ASANA. For other people yoga is the realization of inner self satisfaction. For other it is a religion that the believe and must follow. Learn more within this guide by downloading today.

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