The Atma Center

of yoga and healing

Katherine Brewster, RYT, csYT 500, 890 W. End Ave., ste. 4E, New York city, NY, 10025 p (212) 222-9859 [email protected]

Honor body, mind and spirit. Reconnect with your soul's passion. Release deep muscular tension. Svaroopa ® yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Embodyment ®, Reiki.



Judy Brick Freedman, 525 county Hwy. 40, charlotteville, NY, 12036 p (607) 397-9346 F (607) 397-9479 [email protected]

Certified by and dedicated to promoting the teachings of Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, Intermediate Senior 3. NYC # (212) 688-1009

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