The Life Wellness Centre

Michelle Malo-Esposito, RYT, 13455 Dulles Technology Dr., Herndon, VA, 20171 P (703) 671-7373 F (703) 671-7393 [email protected]

Experience the joy of holistic and integrative care with therapeutic yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture and masssage at the Life Wellness Centre. For more information, see


THE space above YoGA CENTER

202 W. 22nd st., Norfolk, VA, 23517 P (757) 622-2474

Yoga, Ayurveda, massage. Private yoga therapy, Ayurvedic consults/therapies, Yoga Wall, TriYoga, prenatal yoga, infant/family yoga, kids', Iyengar-style, vinyasa. Diverse teachings from devoted healers.

new york beyond the bridge

Linda shields, E-RYT 200, 251 E. 32nd st., New York City, NY, 10016 P (917) 837-3652 [email protected]

Integrative wellness coaching solutions for individuals and corporations. Active transformation from within: Naam Yoga Therapy, corporate yoga and wellness programs, Breathwalk, Universal Kabbalah, Harmonyum healing.


Dr. Lynn somerstein, 150 East 84th street, #2P, New York, NY, 10028 P (212) 861-6818 [email protected]

Find your path! Yogic wisdom and western psychotherapy work together to help create your joyful life.



Gary Kraftsow, Oakland, CA, 94618 P (808) 572-1414 [email protected]

Viniyoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow and Mirka Scalco Kraftsow. Professional programs: Viniyoga Training (personal development and teaching, RYT 500), Foundation for Yoga Therapy (FYT), Yoga Therapist Level I and II (1,000 hour training, preceded by Viniyoga Training or FYT). Member School Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.

healing yoga foundation san francisco

HEALING YoGA FouNDATioN yoga therapy

The Power Of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

Is Your Work Pressure Building Up And The 'Stress Meter' Going Up? Not Able To Find Time To Relax? Desperately Looking For Ways To Calm Your Body, Mind, And Soul And Rejuvenate Your Entire Being? Fret Not! Finally! Discover Some Little-Known, But Highly Effective And Time-Proven Tips And Tricks To Help You Learn YogaTackle Any Stressful Situation, And Keep Yourself Grounded, Relaxed And Poised Start Smiling, You Are Now Safe With Yoga!

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