The Yoga Institute

lex gillan, E-RYT, 3830 villanova st., Houston, TX, 77005 p (800) 524-6674 [email protected]

200-/500-tour Yoga Alliance-Approved. One of the oldest yoga studios and National Teacher Training Courses (nine days) in the United States; all levels welcome. New or experienced teachers of all traditions; no teaching experience required. Specializing in Hatha and Raja Yoga and Meditation. Refer to for dates and location.

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

A complete guide on Eastern practices of breathing, mental, psychic and spiritual development. The book teaches that Yoga is divided into several branches, ranging from that which teaches the control of the body, to that which teaches the attainment of the highest spiritual development.

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