PASSIONATE mind revisited a new way to be clear, aware, and radically present in the world. It was, in short, a revolutionary manifesto for self-exploration and personal thinking. This revised version reads like a survival guide for the new world order—a manual on how to live consciously and well in a world that seems to be collapsing around us. Economies, ecologies, policies, authorities, establishments—all these Kramer and Alstad use to help us enhance self-inquiry (or, in yogic terms, the practice of svadhyaya). The authors urge us to ask ourselves life's most important questions. But this book is not just a call to awareness; it is also a well-reasoned exploration of the human condition. Kramer and Alstad show us that the truth lies within us and that to know it, we must not only be open to it but also listening for it. At the heart of the authors' message is that the changes so desperately needed in today's world must necessarily begin within each ofus. h.d.

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OF BALANCE: Teachings on Ethics and Social Action, by Michael Stone. Shambhala;

Toronto yoga teacher YOGA and psychotherapist Michael Stone's new book, Yoga for a World Out of Balance, is a thought-provoking exploration of how the five yamas, yoga's ethical teachings, offer a spiritual path that can guide us toward mitigating suffering in our lives. Many writers have traveled a similar road, but Stone is unusually passionate and sophisticated in his approach. To start, he brings an unabashedly historical awareness to yoga. We can't, he writes, simply look to yoga's past for "a complete set of codes or truths that can, like mathematical equations, tell us what to do in every given situation ...The world is too complex, too nuanced." Rather, he explains, yoga is the practice of coming fully in contact with this new moment, over and over and over again—and this new moment includes us and all of our stuff: our

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