Peace Through Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica, France, India. Yoga retreats with adventure and/or humanitarian work with children. Call toll free at (866) 326-6110. south pacific eco-yoga Samoa tours, surf and yoga, girlfriend getaways, plus India Ayurvedic spa and yoga tours. Call (888) YOGA-123.

YOGA HOLIDAYS IN GREECE Live your dream on the island of Kythira, one of Greece's best-kept secrets. Call (877) 730-5522.

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The Power Of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

Is Your Work Pressure Building Up And The 'Stress Meter' Going Up? Not Able To Find Time To Relax? Desperately Looking For Ways To Calm Your Body, Mind, And Soul And Rejuvenate Your Entire Being? Fret Not! Finally! Discover Some Little-Known, But Highly Effective And Time-Proven Tips And Tricks To Help You Learn YogaTackle Any Stressful Situation, And Keep Yourself Grounded, Relaxed And Poised Start Smiling, You Are Now Safe With Yoga!

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