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At seminars on yoga and communication, which form part of the Kundalini yoga teacher training, we are delighted time and again to find that some of the participants already regularly communicate with trees. Many people spontaneously start talking with trees. This communication can take place at many different levels. Some people even seem able to talk with the Devas (soul beings) of trees. With others, such communication appears to be merely about the projection of an ideal onto the tree. It can also happen that the communication occurs as an intuitive impulse from the person's own subconscious mind, or indeed as a message from their higher-self. Regardless, it is through contact with the tree that such realisations take place, realisations that may not have happened otherwise and then wouldn't be available to the person to increase their self-knowledge.

Added to this there is the art of reading the habit of a tree, which can say so much to those that know how to read it. Is the tree big or small, multi-stemmed or single stemmed? Did it shoot up or grow very slowly? Has it been wounded, and if so how did those wounds heal? Is it infested by parasites, or perhaps full of insects, or visited by birds and other animals? Is it alone or part of a group of other trees? The thing to remember is that each method of understanding has its place and none excludes any other.

You may find the following helpful in your communication with trees:

• Open yourself to your higher consciousness with a few deep breaths, by saying a mantra or affirmation.

• Listen deep within yourself. What would you like to happen through this conversation? What is it that you need?

• Attune yourself to the tree you are with. It is 'awake'? Does it want to talk with you? What does it need?

• Simply enjoy spending some time together in stillness. Then say thanks and goodbye; perhaps leave a present, a beautiful feather or flower, or a spoken mantra.

If you want to ask the tree for advice:

• See if you can describe the situation that you need help with as neutrally as possible, without judging things to be one way or the other.

• Describe your needs, and the feelings you have at this moment.

• Remain in an alert state of stillness; and sensing your togetherness with the tree, open yourself to everything that is, giving thanks for the way you feel, however you feel. Emotions want to be felt, to enable you to recognise what it really is that you need. As soon as you recognise this you will feel a lightness, and the path towards a solution will come to you.

• To end with, thank the tree; again, take a few deep breaths, or say a mantra, or blessing. Leave a loving energy behind you as you say your goodbyes.

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Lessons In Gnani Yoga The Yoga Of Wisdom

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