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.Lhis illustrated step-by-step work book shows you the essence of yoga, as well as the meeting place of Indian and Celtic wisdom.

Discover the powerful role trees play in the evolution of humanity and learn more about their connection to the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Twelve trees and twelve corresponding yoga sequences and meditations will give you stunning experiences and deepen your relation to nature. Enjoy meditating in connection with the individual essence of each tree.

The introduction to kundalini yoga and the individual exercises are based on Yogi Bhajan's teachings and explained by Satya Singh, an experienced yoga teacher. The characterisation of the trees and their energies is by Fred Hageneder who is well known for his fundamental work in explaining the spiritual dimension of trees (The Living Wisdom of Trees; Yew: A History and The Tree Angel Oracle).

This fusion of kundalini yoga and tree lore is a result of careful selection, years of experience, and inspiration.

Here is an inspired workbook, vividly bringing the healing energy of trees to you in a way you might never have experienced it before.

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The Newbies Guide To Meditation

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