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We recommend that you carry out these exercises either under or in view of an elder tree. If that's not possible, you can visualise an elder. The energy of the tree strengthens the effect of the exercises.

Abundance, Part 1

a) Tree pose. Stand on your right leg and bring your left foot to your groin or on the inside of your right thigh. Stretch your arms high above your head, palms together. Focus on one spot at eye level and breathe long and deep. 1-3 minutes, then change sides.

Strengthens the large muscles that run up either side of your back and has a grounding effect. If you need help balancing yourself, rest one hand on the tree, or on a wall.

b) Place your feet hip-width apart, lift up your arms so that they are 60 degrees apart with elbows straight. As you breathe in, turn your whole body to the left; and then as you breathe out, turn to the right. With your eyes shut, direct both eyes to your third eye. Perform quick turns for 1-3 minutes.

Works the liver and develops trust.

c) Place your feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips. Bend your upper body forwards from your hips, keeping your back straight and your head up. Direct your gaze forwards. Breathe long and deep for 1-3 minutes.

Corrects spinal imbalances.

Abundance, Part 2

a) Place your feet hip-width apart and close your eyes. Breathe in and open your eyes, purse your lips, and sink your head so that your chin touches your breastbone. Now breathe out, close your eyes, blow out your cheeks and slowly bring your head up again. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.

Relaxes the facial muscles and increases the flow of blood to the face.

b) Adopt the crouching pose and stretch your arms up so that they are about 60 degrees apart. With powerful movements, clap your hands. 30 seconds.

Wakes up the spirit and harmonises the nervous system.

c) Maintain the same pose and make a scissoring movement with your arms, without letting them touch one another. As you bring them apart, breathe in and as they cross one another breathe out. 2 minutes 30 seconds.

d) Stand up again, place your feet hip-width apart, and focus on a point about 1.5 metres in front of your toes, or stand 1.5 metres from the tree and focus on the base of its trunk. Do Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.

This anchors your trust in a positive future. Try not to blink.

Abundance, Part 3

The Archer

Put your right foot about 75 cm in front of your left foot. Your left foot is pointing outwards at about a 45-degree angle. Put most of your weight on the front foot and stretch out your back leg. Your hips should point to the front. Hold your right arm in front of you and make a fist with your right hand whilst holding up your thumb. The general feeling is one of holding a bow. Make a fist with your left arm too, bringing it back to your left shoulder. Stretch your left elbow backwards at shoulder height, as if you were about to loose an arrow from the bow. Keep your eyes focused on the tip of your thumb. After 1-3 minutes, change sides. Now you can follow the steps below.

a) Bend your front knee so that it comes over your big toe, four times, each time coming back to the starting position. Do this whilst singing SA TA NA MA. One bend of the knee should last about 1 second. Sing one syllable per bend.

b) Now, keeping your feet in the same place, bend your knee again with your hands placed either side of your right foot, singing SA TA NA MA again, one syllable per movement, just like last time.

c) Still with the same movement of the knee, and feet in the same position, stretch your arms above your head, palms facing upwards. Sing SA TA NA MA, one syllable to accompany each of the four movements.

d) Still with the same movement of the knee, and feet in the same position, with outstretched arms clap above your head while singing SA TA NA MA again.

Go through the sequence a) to d) for five minutes, before changing legs and doing it again, but this time for only 3 minutes.

Strengthens your confidence and ability to set goals and achieve them. SA translates as eternity or birth, TA means life, NA means death, and MA is new beginning.


(standing, sitting or lying down) 1-11 minutes

Listen to the whispering of the leaves and branches, and the stillness that surrounds everything.

Meditation for Gratitude

(YB 1 May 1978) Sit cross-legged holding your hands in the shape of a bowl in front of your heart chakra, so that you can collect sacred blessings known as Gurprasaad. At first have your eyes 1/10 open, your gaze directed to the end of your nose, then as you meditate gradually allow them to close.

Become completely still. Know that you are a part of creation. Let your hands fill up with everything that you need to become happy.

You can decide yourself how long to meditate for. Yogi Bhajan said; 'Count your blessings not your problems.'

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