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We recommend that you carry out these exercises either under or in view of a pine tree. If that's not possible, you can visualise a pine. The energy of the tree strengthens the effect of the exercises.

Courage, Part 1

a) Jog on the spot. While you are doing this, cross your arms in front of your chest if you are a woman; or if you are a man, bring your elbows up by your sides to the height of your shoulders, with your forearms hanging down vertically. Your hands are in the Gyan Mudra. Breathe rhythmically; for example, take four steps as you breathe in and four as you breathe out. Tighten your pelvic floor as you exercise. 5 minutes.

Cleanses the blood.

Of course you can turn this into a jog through the woodland if that is where you are.

b) Put your hands on your hips. Close your eyes. Breathe in and blow out your cheeks. Hold your breath and as you do so, powerfully move your shoulders up and down a number of times. Then while you breathe out, relax your cheeks and shoulders. Repeat this cycle for 1 minute.

Relaxes the face and strengthens the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System Practical

c) Place your feet hip-width apart; bring your elbows to the front and up to shoulder height with your forearms pointing upwards at 90 degrees to your arms. Make a fist, enclosing your thumbs with your fingers. Breathe in and take your elbows out to your sides and your forearms parallel to the floor at the same angle as before; now breathe out and bring your elbows back to the front and your starting position. Repeat for 1-3 minutes.

Strengthens the shoulders and lungs.

Courage Yoga Practice

Courage, Part 2

a) Place your feet as far apart as you can. Bring your forearms up in front of your body, parallel to the ground, and let your hands hang loose. As you breathe in, circle forwards with your hips; and as you breathe out, circle backwards. Choose one direction and keep going for 2 minutes.

This exercise strengthens your warrior spirit and can also be done separately from the rest of the sequence. Legend has it that Moses made his people do this exercise to prepare them for trouble and give them an unbending will in the face of conflict.

b) Place your feet hip-width apart; interlace your fingers, palms touching in the Venus grip, then tighten your pelvic floor, and as you breathe in lift your chest and stretch your arms up and behind you. As you breathe out, bend both your upper body and your arms forwards. Make these movements fluid and swift. 4 minutes.

Enlivens the circulation and strengthens the lungs.

Clasp Finger Exercise

c) Stretch your arms high above your head, clasp your fingers together, and turn your palms upwards. Without lifting your feet from the ground, shake your legs intensively for one minute. Now shake your whole body for a further minute at the same time as using the tip of your tongue to repeat the mantra 'HAR'.

This exercise clears blocks in the legs and back. HAR means 'God in you'. If you roll your r's your tongue will stimulate the reflex area to your brain, which is on the inside of the roof of your mouth.

Courage, Part 3

The Archer

Put your right foot about 75 cm in front of your left foot. Your left foot is pointing outwards at about a 45-degree angle. Put most of your weight on the front foot and stretch out your back leg. Your hips should point to the front. Hold your right arm in front of you and make a fist with your right hand whilst holding up your thumb. The general feeling is one of holding a bow. Make a fist with your left arm too, bringing it back to your left shoulder. Stretch your left elbow backwards at shoulder height, as if you were about to loose an arrow from the bow. Keep your eyes focused on the tip of your thumb. After 1-3 minutes, change sides. Now you can follow the steps below:

Exercise Sequence

a) Bend your front knee so that it comes over your big toe, four times, each time coming back to the starting position. Do this whilst singing SA TA NA MA. One bend of the knee should last about 1 second. Sing one syllable per bend.

b) Now, keeping your feet in the same place, bend your knee again, once per syllable, clapping your hands above your head, singing SA TA NA MA again, one syllable per movement, just like last time.

Pic Knee Clap Exercise

c) Still with the same movement of the knee, and feet in the same position, stretch your arms in front of you clapping your hands. Sing SA TA NA MA, four movements to accompany each syllable.

d) Still with the same movement, feet in the same position, clap behind your back while singing SA TA NA MA. Four times per syllable.

Go through the sequence a) to d) for five minutes, before changing legs and doing it again for 5 minutes. The whole time you are doing the Archer pose, focus on one point on the pine tree, or nearby wall, without blinking.

Exercise Sequence

You can bend your knees really gently, and certainly ben it no further than over your big toe.

The Archer is the best pose to teach you to be able to set your sights on something and achieve your goal. It brings clarity and concentration, strengthens the nerves and digestion, and cleanses the body of poisons. The Archer has a positive effect on all 108 minerals of the body, particularly on the calcium, magnesium and calcium balance. Regular practice prevents deficiencies of these minerals.

SA translates as eternity or birth, TA means life, NA means death, and MA stands for new beginning. If you want to hear the tune go to: www.satyasingh.com/treeyoga

Cross Legged Chin Pic


(standing, sitting, or lying) 1-11 minutes

Listen the rustling of the leaves, and the stillness that surrounds everything.

Meditation on sacred law

Sit cross legged and bend back your left hand so that your palm faces upwards and your fingers point to the left. The top of your palms should be a couple of centimetres under your chin. Your left forearm is vertical and in front of your chest.

Bring your right forearm between your body and your left forearm, putting the palm of your right hand under your left hand. Grasp the outside of your left hand firmly. Breathe long and deep. Keep your eyes 1/10 open. In your thoughts repeat a mantra that you like. Start with 11 minutes and then gradually increase to 31 minutes.

When you have finished, stay sitting still for a while, close your eyes and feel well.

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