Exercise Sequence for Vitality

We recommend that you do these exercises underneath or in sight of a yew tree. If that isn't possible then visualise a yew tree. The energy of the tree strengthens the effect of the exercises.

Vitality, Part 1

a) Stand upright; stretch out your arms level in front of you and hold them firmly all the way into the tips of your fingers, so that they bend upwards a little. Close your eyes and breathe long and deep. 5 minutes.

This exercise energises the fingers, which reflexology teaches us are energetically connected to the brain and sinuses.

b) Stand upright, and again stretch your arms out level in front of you; hold them stiffly and breathe in. As you then breathe out, bend forwards from your hips while pulling up your pelvic floor, keeping your back straight, until your hands come down towards the ground, then relax your arms. As you breathe in, stand up again. Repeat for 5 minutes.

Relaxes the arms and strengthens the aura.

Exercise Sequence

) Stand upright and hold your elbows at shoulder height; bring your forearms in towards your chest and let your hands hang down. Now strongly tense your arms while keeping your hands relaxed. The Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.

This exercise relaxes the nervous system.

d) Stand upright and hold out your arms in front of you, parallel to the ground. Keep your fingers straight and palms facing forwards, now bend your wrists up and down quickly so that as you breathe in you are bending them as far up as they will go, and as you breathe out as far down as they will go. 1-3 minutes.

This exercise stimulates the meridians that run along the underarms and strengthens the healing power of the hands.

Vitality, Part 2

a) Stand upright and jump as high as you can ten times. Breathe in as you jump up and out as you land.

This exercise works the musculature of the calves, which are energetically connected to the lymphatic system, and increases the circulation.

b) Place your feet hip-width apart. Stretch your arms out to the front, parallel to the ground, and make a fist with both hands. Breathe in and bend your fists up as far as they will go, then breathe out and bend them as far down as they will go. 1-3 minutes.

This exercise strengthens the wrists and underarms, and so also the triple heater (lymph) meridian.

Vitality, Part 3

a) Place your feet hip-width apart and stretch your arms to the side at a 60-degree angle. Turn your palms forwards and spread out your fingers. Move your hands sideways, bending them from

the wrists, and then quickly move them up and down. Shut your eyes and let your breath flow freely.

This exercise strengthens the nervous system. The 60-degree angle guides the energy into your heart.

b) Stand upright and shut your eyes. Direct your eyes to your third eye. Breathe long and deep. 5 minutes.

The eye muscles stimulate the pituitary gland, which governs our intuition and insight.


(standing, sitting, lying) 1-11 minutes.

Listen to the quiet hum of life in the crown of the tree, and the stillness that envelops everything.

Bandha Dhya Kriya

(YB 27 October 1975)

Find a comfortable position in which to meditate.

Hold your hands about 15 cm in front of your heart centre, and gently press the outside edges of your hands together so that your little fingers (Mercury) are also touching each other. Now bend both your middle fingers (Saturn) until the ends touch one another and they stand at a 90-degree angle to your palms. Take care that your ring fingers (Sun) don't come into contact with each other.

Breathe in through your nose, filling your lungs in eight equal steps. Breathe out by whistling. Make sure you fully empty your lungs.

Don't practice this meditation for more than 11 minutes at first. With regular practice for one week, add a minute per week

In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

'Carry out this Kriya with deep respect, love and dedication in a very peaceful way. Anything that is about Prana should be treated with the utmost respect, because Prana is the container of life.

This Kriya was kept very secret and only recommended to a chosen few. Tell a friend if you want to practice it. If the energy becomes too strong this person should wipe your face with a wet hand towel and give you a glass of water to drink. Don't practice this Kriya for more than 11 minutes until you have become accustomed to its power.

Bandha Kriya is very healing for the psyche. By practicing it you will be able to rise beyond the confines of time and space. After you have practiced it your problems will appear to be far smaller than they usually are. This is a beautiful and powerful meditation. Be quiet and humble with it. All will be well.'

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