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We recommend that you carry out these exercises either under or in view of a lime tree. If that's not possible, you can visualise a lime tree. The energy of the tree strengthens the effect of the exercises.

Healing, Part 1

a) Place your feet hip-width apart and stretch your arms straight up. As you breathe in, bend to the left, stretching your right side; as you breathe out, bend to your right. 26 times for each side.

This exercise stretches your rib muscles and activates the lymphatic system.

Bend The Right

b) Stretch your legs about 60 cm apart. Tighten your pelvic floor and bend your upper body forwards. Stretch your arms between your legs so that your hands are pointing backwards, palms down as if you wanted to touch the ground behind you. As you breathe deeply, hold this position. 1 minute. Staying in this position, now make a u-shape with your tongue and stick it out of your mouth. Now do the Breath of Fire through your rolled tongue. 1 minute.

This is a cleansing exercise for the liver and benefits blood circulation to the head.

c) Again spread your legs about 60 cm apart, and put your right hand on your hip while your left hand goes on your back, up between your shoulder blades. Breathe in as you turn to the left. Keep your eyes shut and your gaze inwardly directed to your third eye. 1-3 minutes. (One side only.)

This exercise is good for the heart.

Healing, Part 2

a) Chair pose.

Place your feet a little further than hip-width apart. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and bring your forearms down to your calves until you are clutching your ankles with your hands. Elevate your head and focus your gaze on a point on the lime tree or on a nearby wall. Breathe long and slow. 1-3 minutes. The chair pose cleans the blood.

b) Spread your feet about 90 cm apart and put your hands on your hips. Breathe in and turn your upper-body and head to the left. As you breathe out, turn to your right. Keep your eyes shut and your inner gaze focused on your third eye. 1-3 minutes.

This exercise stimulates self-healing.

c) Again with your feet spread, hold out your arms horizontally. Tighten your pelvic floor, taking your left hand to your right foot, while at the same time holding your right hand up straight up and looking at your right hand. Stay as you are and do the Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.

Then breathe in deeply; before breathing out and with your pelvic floor engaged, bring yourself to standing again. Change sides and fire breathe once more. 1-3 minutes.

This exercise integrates the body and the two hemispheres of the

Healing, Part 3

Place your feet hip-width apart, and then bring your elbows up to shoulder height, your forearms vertical. Turn your palms forwards, fingers in the Gyan Mudra (forefinger and thumb together). Lift your chest; stretch your neck; and as you breathe in, turn your upper body to the left, and then to the right as you breathe out. Your feet need to stay flat on the floor. Keep your spine vertical and close your eyes, with your inner gaze directed to your third eye. 1-11 minutes.

This movement is very beneficial for the liver.

b) Bring your feet together so that they are touching. Stretch out your arms to the sides at shoulder height. As you breathe in, bend your upper body to the left, stretching your right arm up to heaven. As you breathe out, bend down to your right and stretch up your left arm. Keep your arms in one line.

This exercise regulates the functioning of your thoracic vertebra.

c) Keeping your feet together, stretch your legs and pull your coccyx in a little. Tighten your pelvic floor and lift your arms way up high over your head. Bring your palms together. Lift your chest, and stretch up and back as far as you can. Close your eyes and do the Breath of Fire. 1-3 minutes.

Now breathe in deeply, breathe out again and bring yourself upright, back to the starting position. Then let your upper body hang down to the front. 1 minute.

This exercise strengthens the functioning of the lungs. ^

Exercise Sequence


(standing, sitting or lying) 1-11 minutes

Listen to the whispering of the leaves and branches, and the stillness that surrounds everything.

Healing meditation

For the tree, for you and for others.


Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hong

Use different Mudras depending on what you want to use the healing meditation for:

Distant healing Mudra: Support your elbows on your ribs, hold your forearms angled upwards in front of you, and turn your palms outwards with your fingers close together; keep your fingers straight and pointing downwards.

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