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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course Summary

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Psychometry is merely one or more forms of clairvoyance, brought into operation by means of some connecting link between persons or things, or some object connected with these persons or things. It is not a distinct class of psychic phenomena, but is merely a variation of the other classes, sometimes combining several classes of clairvoyance in its manifestation.

Telepathy And Clairvoyance

Attainment, contents himself with merely an intellectual acquaintance with psychic power, in passing on, and then after he has acquired the higher spiritual knowledge and development, he returns and uses the tools ready at his hand, the use of which he now understands. In the Fourteenth Lesson of this series we will point out the way of this development - the lesson will be entirely devoted to pointing out the way to spiritual attainment. There is, however, another way whereby some students of the Yogi Philosophy develop psychic powers in themselves, preferring to gain this knowledge by experiment and experience before passing on to the spiritual plane. We have no fault to find with this course, providing the student does not regard psychic power as the end of attainment, and providing he always is inspired with worthy motives and does not allow the interest of the astral plane to divert him from the main object -spiritual development. Some of the Yogi students follow the plan of...

The Divine Life Society

The Seventh Lesson treats of Pranayama or regulation of breath. Simple and practical exercises have been prescribed for the regulation and control of breath. which will ultimately result in the control of the mind. These exercises in breath-control are not merely for enhancing the soundness and control of the mind, but they also play a vital part in ensuring a sound body. The student of Pranayama who attains perfection in it will have various psychic powers.

The Fourth Lesson The Human Aura

In our previous three lessons we called your attention briefly, in turn, to the Seven Principles of Man. The subject of the Constitution of Man, however, is incomplete without a reference to what occultists know as the Human Aura. This forms a most interesting part of the occult teachings, and reference to it is to be found in the occult writings and traditions of all races. Considerable misapprehension and confusion regarding the Human Aura have arisen, and the truth has been obscured by the various speculations and theories of some of the writers on the subject. This is not to be wondered at when we remember that the Aura is visible only to those of highly developed psychic power. Some possessing inferior sight, which has enabled them to see only certain of the grosser manifestations of the emanation constituting the Aura, have thought and taught that what they saw was all that could be seen while the real truth is, that such people have seen but a part of the whole thing, the...

The Secret Of Yoga

For further clarification it is necessary to point out that at present scholars are practically in the dark as to the nature of psychic energy, the source of all vital activity in the body, including that of thought and the rapid interplay of nerve im- This classification is based on the introspective study of nervous impulses and analysis of thought in the highly penetrative super-sensual states of consciousness or samadhi. The scientific value of an exploration carried out in this manner is far greater that that of the somewhat analogous investigation, carried out by men of science, on normal men through an analysis of their dreams, on neurotics and the insane or on hypnotized subjects for the diagnosis of mental and even physical ailments. The amazing knowledge of the nervous system and the flow of two kinds of nerve currents, about which science has no accurate information as yet, has also been obtained in the same manner. The founders of these philosophical schools had a very...

Kundalini Fact and Fiction

The general idea prevailing about Kundalini, in both the East and the West, is of a mysterious and fabulous power lying dormant in men, which, when roused to activity, can confer amazing psychic gifts and transhuman states of consciousness on the successful initiates. The belief is current in India and elsewhere that those, in whom the energy vivifies the seventh centre in the brain, are transmogrified and attain unlimited dominance over the forces of nature. This belief is fostered by the high claims made in the ancient literature on Kundalini-Yoga about the infinite possibilities for the elevation and deification of those who propitiate this divine power. The ascent of Kundalini from Cakra* to Cakra is attended, it is said, with progressively increasing psychic powers until in the seventh centre the mortal becomes one with supreme Reality, or Lord Shiva, the Creator, Preserver, Destroyer of the three worlds. The Yogi, it is averred, gains limited powers of domination over men,...

Ajna chakra in different traditions

Tiger skin with his eyes firmly closed. However, he opened his third eye, keeping his fleshy eyes closed. He saw Kama Deva and perceived his motives. He immediately emitted a thunderbolt of psychic power which instantly killed Kama Deva. The story continues and involves various other plots and ploys. Eventually, Shiva is persuaded to mate with Parvati and their son Subramaniyan was born. He is known as the lord of the celestial realms and he destroys the demons.

Attributes of the ajna chakra

Ajna is the centre of extrasensory perception. Siddhis (psychic powers) arise according to one's samskaras (mental tendencies). One can experience clairvoyance - vision of far away events. One can detect the real meaning and ideas ofa person who is speaking, independent of what is being spoken. Ajna chakra is the centre whereby one can communicate without speaking it is the centre of direct min d to mind thought transference. Various siddhis can arise according to the propensities of the individual, but one should not become attached to these siddhis, one should treat them as one would treat a plague - very warily. Attachment to siddhis is a great obstacle on the path to wisdom this block is called rudra granthi (knot of Shiva) and applies especially at the level of ajna chakra. This hurdle of attachment must be transcended one must pierce this psychic block with the axe of inner detachment.

Message Of Brahmacharya

You cannot have health and spiritual life without Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is the key-note of success in every walk of life. Brahmacharya serves as a gateway for bliss beyond. It opens the door of Moksha (emancipation). Siddhis and Riddhis (psychic powers) roll under the feet of a Brahmacharin. Who can describe the majesty and glory of a Brahmachari Brahmacharya or spotless chastity is the best of panaceas. There is nothing in this world that cannot be attained by a celibate. He can move the whole world.

Scriptural references

The sadhaka should sit in the maha bandha pose (padmasana) and do pooraka (inhalation) with a concentrated mind. The breath should be retained inside while doing jalandhara bandha. Placing both palms on the ground on each side of the body, the sadhaka should slowly raise himself off the ground. The buttocks should be gently beaten on the ground. By this practice, prana will enter the sushumna. The ida, pingala and sushumna become united this leads to freedom. The body becomes like a corpse. At this stage inhalation should be recontinued. This practice bestows many siddhis (psychic powers), prevents old age, removes wrinkles and prevents white hair. It is a practice that is highly respected by the sages. (v. 3 25-29)

The origin and development of yoga

It is with the advent of the Brahmanas and Upanishads that we begin to see yoga take shape and assume the form that it has today. The Brahmanas are texts which deal mainly with sacrificial and ritualistic practices, though there is a wealth of knowledge and historical information contained within its pages. They mentionjapa (meditative techniques involving chanting of mantras) and mouna (another technique for inducing meditation, which can be translated as 'inner silence') as being two important aspects of yoga2. In these texts the universal mantra Turn is mentioned in written form for the first time, together with its significance. The foundations for the later development of the science of swara yoga (study of the breath and flow of psychic currents and relationship with life) were also laid down, which later led to the classical swara text called Shiva Swarodaya. The development of psychic powers through yoga are also mentioned in the Brahmanas, such as the ability to read other...

The Biological Aspect Of Kundalini

Magic is the companion and not the precursor of religion. Although it does not now form a part of the modes of worship and the rituals of the major faiths of mankind, it is inherent in their origins and in the lives or teachings of their founders under the guise of the miraculous. Buddha sternly disallowed the use of psychic powers, but he admitted their existence, and the possibility of their development in one who strives for deeper insights. There is a tradition that he had to demonstrate his own magical powers when for the first time he returned to his own kingdom after enlightenment. The miraculous is no more than divinized magic. The eight siddhis or psychic powers, attributed to Yoga, are merely developed forms of magical skill. The magical feats of Shamans are duplicated every day in varied forms by mediums and sensitives of civilized communities. How many religious-minded people offer worship to the Deity purely as a mark of reverence and devotion without any ulterior,...

Uses of pranic control

Telepathy and other psychic phenomena are now being investigated scientifically. It has been found that the receiving medium of telepathic messages is the bioplasmic or pranic body. This acts as a relay station which transmits the message to conscious perception. Scientists have actually detected changes in the pranic body as it receives telepathic messages. It is something that we all have the potential to do, but are not able to because of insensitivity in our mind and body. As one becomes more aware so the ability to consciously perceive telepathic messages and to utilize other psychic powers is increased.

The path of ida

Many of the scriptures clearly state that concern only with this path of ida can eventually lead to a block on the spiritual path, and can even lead to a downfall. Many occult schools, operating without a competent gum, follow this path. They develop psychic powers amid Hitler, and other black magicians, and in fact numerous people throughout the world were on this path of ida and many are now treading it. They unlock psychic powers for selfish reasons, using these powers to harm others. This is called black magic. Any person who misuses these powers pays the penalty they reap their own punishment - eventual loss of their powers.

Hatha Yoga

A Hatha Yogi gets Siddhis (psychic powers) by uniting Prana and Apana and by taking the united Prana-Apana through the six Chakras (centres of spiritual energy) to Sahasrara at the crown of the head. A Raja Yogi gets Siddhis by Samyama, i.e., combined practice of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi at one time. A Jnana Yogi exhibits Siddhis through pure will or Sat-Sankalpa. A Bhakta gets Siddhis through self-surrender and the consequent descent of grace. Kriyas, viz., Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Tratak and Kapalabhati belong to Hatha Yoga. All need not practise these Kriyas. Those who have got much phlegm in the body should practise these Kriyas. Learn these under an expert Hatha Yogi. Hatha Yoga is not the goal. It is only a means to an end. Take to Raja Yoga after possessing good health.

Pineal gland

It is analogous to a transistorized valve of a radio which picks up the electromagnetic waves from a far-off broadcasting station. This is not really a very good analogy, but it indicates what we are trying to convey. The pineal gland is the organ in the brain through which the individual can experience the more subtle levels of experience. It is also associated with the ajna chakra, the psychic centre that is concerned with psychic powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. It is through the pineal gland that psychic signals or phenomena are channelled into the brain and the body. It is the physical organ, associated with the more subtle ajna chakra, by which two individuals can communicate in a more subtle and direct manner.

Yoga Yoga

A Guru or preceptor is indispensable for the practice of Yoga. The aspirant in the path of Yoga should be humble, simple, gentle, refined, tolerant, merciful and kind. If you have a curiosity to get psychic powers, you cannot have success in Yoga. Yoga does not consist in sitting cross-legged for six hours or stopping the pulse or beatings of the heart or getting oneself buried underneath the ground for a week or a month.


Ernest Haekel of Los Angeles, California, Mr. Boris Sacharow of Berlin and several others interested in acquiring psychic powers by awakening the Kundalini are all instances to prove that Yoga-Asanas can be practiced and are intended not only for India and the Indians but for the whole world and the humanity at large.

Yoga True and False

From very early times there have been three classes of religious teachers and those dealing with the occult among whom it is necessary to distinguish in order to avoid waste of effort and disillusionment. One of the classes consists of those deeply versed in the sacred lore who have made themselves fully conversant with the details of various esoteric systems and religious disciplines, even practiced them, and who possess the ability to impress others with their knowledge and discourse. The second class comprises those who have diligently practiced the disciplines, possess or cultivate needed virtues, and who, as a result of long, ceaseless effort, attain a tranquil state of mind, have visionary experiences and develop, or are naturally gifted with, psychic powers, such as mind-reading, clairvoyance, etc., which they exhibit on occasions to instill respect in their followers. The third class, extremely limited and rare, consists of those who either as the result of a short or a long...

Thought Projection

Thoughts may be projected by following the last mentioned method (Distant Healing) and others will feel the effect of thought so sent forth, it being remembered always that no evil thought can ever injure another person whose thoughts are good. Good thoughts are always positive to bad ones, and bad ones always negative to good ones. One can, however, excite the interest and attention of another by sending him thought waves in this way, charging the prana with the message he wishes to convey. If you desire another's love and sympathy, and possess love and sympathy for him, you can send him thoughts of this kind with effect, providing your motives are pure. Never, however, attempt to influence another to his hurt, or from impure or selfish motives, as such thoughts only recoil upon the sender with redoubled force, and injure him, while the innocent party is not affected. Psychic force when legitimately used is all right, but beware of black magic or improper and unholy uses of it, as...

Psychic Influence

The improper use of psychic power has long been known to occultists as Black Magic, which, so far from being a remnant of the superstition of the Middle Ages, is a very real thing, and is being practiced today to a great extent. Those so practicing it are sowing the seeds of their own punishment, and every bit of psychic force expended for base and selfish ends will unquestionably rebound and react upon the user, but nevertheless these people are in-


The effects of Kiai-jitsu will vary according to a Ninja's level of proficiency and are hard to understand by the average person. But just as certain sounds and pitches can cause discomfort and headaches, sound coupled with psychic energy can be used to hurt, stun and even kill enemies. At first a novice will only be able to cause an opponent to hesitate, but his hesitation can provide an opening for attack or escape. At best a novice will only be able to stun an opponent for a few moments. The ability to use Kiai-jitsu improves along with one's Jumon progress. Ninja masters become so aware of the minds of the ignorant that it is an easy matter to attack their minds with telekinetic power through a touch, a shout (as with the shout art), or even a glance.


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Vajroli Mudra

Its purpose is to convert retas (sexual energy) into ojas (highly refined pranic or psychic energy). This process is called urdhva retas -the sublimation of sexual energy. Prana is the essence of both ojas and retas vajroli helps to bring about sublimation of the grosser retas into the more refined ojas.

Bandha Traya

The practice of Bandha Traya is extremely helpful in establishing yourself in Brahmacharya. It gives vigour to the nerves, relieves constipation, and augments appetite. Blooming health, vigorous strength and a high standard of vitality are yours by right. The abdominal muscles are massaged and toned up. Persons suffering from chronic diseases of the stomach and the intestines and having given up all hopes of recovery will do well to try this natural remedy as a last resort. Rapid and marvellous cure is assured. Bandha Traya can be practiced during Pranayama, concentration and meditation with much advantage. The Kundalini-Shakti is awakened and all psychic powers are bestowed upon the practitioner. He drinks the nectar of immortality and gets final emancipation (Moksha).


There is a very powerful psychic power under the navel point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centers of the body and awakens them with its touch. When it touches the seventh center, the man knows all. When it ingle-mingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arc line and makes everything work out for the person.

The granthis

Rudra granthi functions in the region of the ajna chakra. It is associated with attachment to psychic powers such as telepathy, clair-audience and other mind phenomena. This psychic knot implies attachment to individuality. One must leave the sense of individual ego behind for further ascent, in the same way that a butterfly leaves the chrysalis behind in order to fly away to freedom. One must give up duality at the region of the rudra granthi.


Siddhasana is next to Padmasana in importance. Some eulogise it as even superior to Padmasana from the point of view of meditation. The Asana is so called because it is capable of giving the practitioner all Siddhis (psychic powers). Moreover it was and is the favourable pose of several Adepts in Yoga (Siddhas).

Obstacles In Yoga

A Yogi claims that he can attain extraordinary powers and knowledge by subduing the passions and appetites and by practicing Yama, Niyama and Yogic Samyama (concentration, meditation and Samadhi at one and the same time). Patanjali clearly warns the students that they should not be carried away by the temptations of powers. The gods themselves tempt the unwary Yogi by offering him a position similar to theirs. Aspirants run more after Siddhis (psychic powers) than after real spiritual attainment despite the clear note of warning.

The infinite mind

In fact many psychics, clairvoyants, etc. have said that there is an etheric energy body (pranic body) which connects the brain cells with the cosmic mind. Others have put it differently by saying that this etheric body is the means by which the life energies of the universe and the collective unconscious can communicate with the physical body. It seems that we are far more intimately connected with each other and can communicate directly with each other in a far deeper sense than is often considered. Each individual has vast powers. However, these faculties are rarely utilized in fact, we tend to sneer and be sceptical of any truth in telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and other psychic powers.

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