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It has already been explained that kundalini is the spiritual as well as the biological base of all the phenomena connected with religion, the occult, and the supernatural. Whenever during the whole course of human history some man or woman exhibited uncanny powers which fell in the province of magic, witchcraft, augury, sorcery or mediumship and furnished conclusive evidence that the manifestations were genuine, in every case without exception, it signified the veiled activity of a slightly awake kundalini. In the same way, whenever any man or woman laid claim to prophethood, to direct communion with God or an Almighty Source of Intelligence and furnished irrefutable proof of suupernormal faculties, higher moral standards, and mystical insights, it also, in every case, indicated a fully active kundalini that found access to sahasrara, the highest centre in the brain. Just as all variations, perversions, and distortions observed in the sexual behaviour of individuals can only be attributed to the expression of the sex instinct, rooted in the reproductive mechanism, in the same way all the varied manifestations connected with religion and the supernatural have their origin in the dynamic spiritual power reservoir of kundalini.

In view of the fact that diverse conceptions about God, the

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