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edness of thought, which is effective in stimulating the centre of paranormal consciousness in the brain, commanding susumna where on the awakening of the kundalini, the Flame of Superconciousness burns with transporting effect. The important point to be kept in mind is that dharana and dhyana are not ends in themselves, but means to an end and that end is the excitation of the Transcendent centre in the head. It is with the aim of stimulating this region and susumna that fixity of attention on one of the susceptible nerve-junctions, as for instance, the navel, or the heart, or the place between the eyebrows, or the palate, or the crown of the head is recommended by the ancient writers on Yoga. In his commentary on Yoga-Sutra 3. 1, Vyasa recommends concentration on the navel, heart, or light in the head for the same reason.

Dharana, dhyana and samadhi are the three last steps toward the attainment of a fuller and richer life. In samadhi the mental flux becomes entirely restricted and the stream of thought becomes one with the object contemplated. In every spiritual practice the object kept before the mind being either the Deity with or without form or the Self or the Guru or some transporting object, like the lotus, or any iconographic representation, prescribed for meditation, complete absorption of mind in the object plainly signifies a transformation in the interior of the Sadhaka. In other words, it denotes the development of a new quality in his own consciousness which, assuming the image of the Deity or the Self or a lotus or a light, keeps the attention of the Sadhaka from wandering this way or that, and holds it completely engrossed in contemplation in the same way that a magnet holds a piece of iron tightly attached to it by the sheer force of attraction. It is the development of this alluring quality in his consciousness that keeps the Yogi entranced for hours without any sign of fatigue and with a beatific expression on his face. The arrest of thought in samadhi does not occur because of the restraint exercised by the Yogi, but, primarily, because the mind is rapt in the contemplation of a fascinating inner state which

Yoga for You

Yoga for You

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